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Konark: Magha Saptami Rituals Held Without Public At Chandrabhaga (WATCH)

Konark: The holy dip rituals on the occasion of Magha Saptami were conducted at the Chandrabhaga beach in Konark today without the participation of devotees due to prohibitory orders clamped in the wake of the pandemic.

As per the tradition, at around 4.30 am, the three presiding deities of Konark – Tribeniswar, Ishaneswar and Dakhineswar, all forms of Lord Shiva, were escorted on palanquins by servitors from their temples to Chandrabhaga where they were given a customary bath.

Later, servitors were allowed to take bath in the sea following which the Bahuda Yatra, the return journey of the Lords was performed.



Every year, lakhs of pilgrims take the ritualistic bath in Chandrabhaga and pray to Sun God on the auspicious occasion every year. But this year, devotees have been barred from taking part in the dip rituals.

“We have strictly followed the Covid-19 guidelines while performing the Magha Saptami rituals and the number of servitors engaged to perform the ceremonies were also limited. Only 20 sevayats were allowed to pull the chariots of Sun God,” said a sevayat.

The prohibitory orders under Section 144 came into effect from11 am on Thursday and will remain in force till 1 pm today.

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